Happy Fifth Anniversary!

Homework Questions

1. Please remind me — why are we in Iraq again?

2. The 9/11 terrorists came from what country?

3. Is the war in Iraq, and possibly Iran if McCain gets elected, related to the current crisis of the U.S. dollar?

These are just a few questions I’ll ask my students today to commemorate this anniversary of five years down and hundreds of thousands dead.

“If you are determined and your cause is right, the American people will eventually come around …”

“This is the first time coordinated direct actions of civil disobedience are happening,” said Barbra Bearden, communications manager for the group Peace Action. “People who have never done this kind of action are stepping up and deciding now is the time to do it.”

“I’m tired of being a futile old man not able to have any participation in this decision,” Barron said. “I’m 80 years old. I’m still alive. I want people to say, `If he’s not afraid to do it, what am I doing being so silent?'”

–From Protests On 5th Anniversary Of Iraq War

–Visit Peace Action

–Read Kevin Tillman, Pat Tillman’s brother, after serving in the Iraq War



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