Poetry or Funny?


I’m back after being awash in jazz, drinking musicians full of hearty banter, clean air, water & woods, smiling people, and beauty, beauty, beauty.

Already bogged with class prep duties, a slightly neglected manuscript tugging at my sleeve, and academic duties that would bring tears to your eyes. So I’ll spare you.

Instead, I’ll just say, once again, that I like Mairead Byrne: she’s astute, funny, and isn’t heard in the world as much as is necessary, in my humble opinion. However, she has a new essay up at UBUWeb that speaks to all of those qualities I’ve listed.

I witnessed her very keen and energetic delivery of this very paper at the PCA Conference in San Diego earlier this year, so let me encourage you now: if you ever get a chance to attend a panel she’s on one day or hear her read, do so. In the meantime, you can find an inkling of what I mean by taking a peek at “Some Differences Between Poetry and Stand-Up.”


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