See, Hear, Reject Some Offers


Apparently, we’ve been refusing offers of help. I thought Condoleeza Rice’s response to offers of help seemed fairly off-putting. I saw her in a t.v. interview say something along the lines of ,”Well, we’ll see how many countries follow through on their promises.” Mind you, I’m remembering this from a snippet on last night, so the quote is not verbatim. However, the sentiment seemed as unappreciative as hell. Why are we rejecting help?

The media also appears to be painting a picture that everything is finally getting repaired, a few days late, but repaired nonetheless. I watched NOW last night; this is not the case. Will all of the displaced people spread across the southeast receive any of the donations? Or will it just go towards carpetbaggers in the name of real estate? Who will benefit from the rebuilding? This site seems to give us the most up-to-date progress being made — without the gloss.

Moreover, Here Comes Everybody is offering some very telling accounts as well as places to donate money & non-perishable items that will immediately & directly benefit the refugees (scroll down a bit for those organizations).

Read an eerie article predicting some of this fallout by way of Gina Myers.

Elsewhere & in other news, Mairéad Byrne talks poetry, pronunciation, and listening in.


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