Today’s Fresh Release


“But ultimately Mr. Banhart seems to circle back to the same American source that Donovan probably came from: the early beat poets. One of the best songs on ‘Cripple Crow,’ the most ambitious and complicated of his four albums, is called, ‘Dragonflys.’ (Dig the misspelling.) It is 52 seconds long, with only guitar and voice, the lyrics aspirated in traded-off phrases with the singer Matteah Baim. ‘I don’t owe me any money,’ they sing. ‘I don’t owe me a thing/When we drink beer/Dragonflies appear/Dragonflies appear.’ It’s totally dippy, but the lines are lit by real charisma. You could make fun of it from a distance, but not when you’re actually taking it in.”

From Critics’ Choice: New CD’s section of last Monday’s New York Times.

This when I should be measuring assessment measures. Yes, I wrote that right.

[Addendum: “Cripple Crow” cover up close. ]


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