We’re Celebrating…


the release of Linh Dinh’s new book, American Tatts, today. If you can wade through the sauna that is NYC today, come on over @ 6PM!


Linh Dinh, Amy King, Lauren Bender, & Brian Evenson

Also celebrating the release of AMERICAN TATTS by Linh Dinh from CHAX Press!

There are two kinds of readers in English, those who are passionate fans of the poetry of Linh Dinh and those who have yet to read his writing […]. Linh Dinh looks at the world with the clearest eyes imaginable, a walking example of the role of the real at the heart of the surreal. — Ron Silliman

Reading Linh Dinh is a tonic and a revelation. His poems might have taken off the top of Dickinson’s head, and then some. Linh Dinh raids and reinvents the language with an ardor ordering on delirium. — Rachel Loden

The Death Of English

It stang me to sang of such thang:
This language, like all others, will be deep fried,
Will die, then be reborn as another tongue
Sloshed in too many mouths. What of
“That kiff joint has conked me on a dime”?
“Them cedars, like quills, writing the ground”?
It’s all japlish or ebonics, or perhaps Harold Bloom’s
Boneless hand fondling a feminist’s thigh.

–from American Tatts

The Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery @ Bleecker, right across from CBGB’s
F train to Second Ave | 6 train to Bleecker | 212-614-0505


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