Chan Changes



I’ve followed her since “Dear Sir,” and while I know I’m not alone, I wonder how many of us have noticed the bathyspherical leap in both Chan Marshall’s music and her appearance this month, this year, this time around?

But what would the community think? I guess people and tastes change in spurts and sputters; we make different human things daily. But how do we get that one push, the one that makes the spurt pulse and vibrate after so many pauses?

Today, I’m trying on the new one, “The Greatest.” More production, less raw. A polished-up Cat Power. Surprising, not what I expected, processing, but ultimately, finding it quite nicely done. Still more in love with the old stuff though. For now. For here. I’m glad the world and my head let so many different things exist in the same space in this same time. You Are Free, ultimately, omnisciently …


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